ODIN God is the leading God of Aesir in north Europe, and also the king of Gods. A legend said that under the arch root of World Tree, there lied a mysterious spring, “wisdom”. Many men retreated for the fear of the cost paid to get the spring. However, in order to get the wisdom spring, ODIN God was willing to sacrifice his sharp right eye, and suffered from the pains, yet he eventually became the symbol of wisdom. ODIN zippers’ persistence and insistence on the excellent products is just like ODIN God.
Outdoor sports advocate the lifestyle of human’s going back to nature and challenging oneself. ODIN professionally provides relevant high-quality zipper solutions for outdoor clothes, backpacks, tents and other outdoor sports equipment. Because of our pursuit of top quality, color innovation, and extraordinary performance, ODIN has been respected by the industry.
ODIN products have passed a variety of harsh tests including Oeko-  Standard 100 environment protection, ITS, SGS, STR, etc. ODIN products ensure outdoor challengers’ best equipment status under complicated and harsh outdoor environment, and provide them with the most secure insurance.