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As an innovative custom zipper manufacturer, ODIN provides rapid sampling and state-of-the-art automated production for zippers on time. Get a quote with free analysis in hours for quality zippers within days.

Total Zipper Success & Satisfaction

Get quality zippers fast and cost-efficient pricing to meet your project needs. At ODIN, we manufacture zippers with our independent R & D automated equipment and quality sustainable materials to empower & enhance your brand and grow your profits possible.

Benefit for your business

One-stop solutions based on our flexible manufacturing options to lower your overall cost.

OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and ISO 9001:2015 standard on quality assurance and quality management.

Custom zipper samples in as few as 5 days

Get a quote in less than 24 Hours.

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    Full Spectrum of Custom Zippers

    We are market leaders in both manufacturing and design. We multiply the impact of your efforts, creating unique zippers that outperform any competition because they personify the essence of your brand.

    Nylon Zipper

    Made with premium materials, our nylon zippers boast enhanced durability and work well with any garment, accessory, or furniture.

    Plastic Zipper

    Flexible and versatile, we produce fine plastic zippers using the latest injection molding techniques to guarantee perfect fits.

    Metal Zipper

    Prominent in everyday jeans and workwear, our metal zippers feature individually-shaped metal pieces that can withstand heavy use and washing.

    Invisible Zipper

    With its teeth hidden behind the tape, invisible zippers offer a discreet and lightweight fastening option for clothes.

    Waterproof Zipper

    Covered with a layer of TPU, waterproof zippers use reverse coil stitching for added protection against the elements.

    Custom Sliders & Pullers

    Complement your unique line of products by customizing the sliders and pullers to your specifications.

    Don’t know what zipper to choose?
    Our specialists can help!

    Complete Capabilities for Your Unique Zipper

    From creating intricate design details to meticulous quality inspections, we cover each manufacturing process section to guarantee the best custom zippers for your brand.

    Structure Design & Engineering

    Structure Design & Engineering

    ODIN has more than 40 patented technologies to help you realize the diverse functionalities you want for the custom zippers. We also conduct independent research to update our product lineup.

    Sustainable Products Process

    Sustainable Products Process

    As a responsible wholesale zipper manufacturer in China, we push for eco-friendly and sustainable production. We achieve this by developing several recycling technologies that minimize waste byproducts and conserve natural resources.

    Rapid Samples & Prototyping

    Rapid Samples & Prototyping

    We provide high-quality and functional samples of your custom zipper within a few days from order placement to ensure they meet your qualifications and make adjustments based on your feedback.

    In-house Manufacturing

    In-house Manufacturing

    The entire manufacturing process is conducted in-house for fast production and consistent output. Our production team uses a streamlined workflow that reduces wait times while expert quality specialists inspect each product.

    Quality Control In Many Steps

    Quality Control In Many Steps

    To ensure the quality of our custom zippers, they undergo several tests that review their durability, water resistance, and zipping capabilities using the latest equipment and high quality benchmarks.

    Case Studies

    ODIN has been addressing various client concerns and demands with flying colors since 2006. Take a peek at several success stories and see how we take on these challenges.

    Killtec's Recycle Zipper

    Killtec focus on developing collections for sports and leisure. We have successfully helped our customers develop recycled zippers in response to Killtec’s global environmental philosophy, and have maintained a long-term relationship and continuous product iterations over the years.

    *KK's OEM Zipper Factory

    *KK specifies the global standard for zippers. We have invested in our own zipper development equipment and continuously upgraded technology. We are the OEM zipper factory of *KK in China.

    Stunning Zipper Made for Your Industry

    ODIN brings custom zipper solutions with our production capacities, design, and development for large industries and 5000+ small businesses alike. Below, we have curated a list of zipper solutions tailored to different industries.

    Clothing & Fashion

    Make clothes, footwear, and other fashion accessories stand out with our line of stunning custom zippers.

    Bags & Luggage

    Using modern production techniques, we’re able to offer an assortment of zippers that will stay intact even under heavy pressure.

    Hazmat Suit

    Our durable and eco-friendly zippers help make hazmat suits easier to wear while effectively protecting the wearer.

    Military & Workwear

    As military and work clothes see constant exposure, complement them with durable and high-quality zippers explicitly made for daily wear.

    Fire Safety

    Our OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100-certified custom zippers guarantee enhanced protection and high heat tolerance.

    Outdoor Goods

    Nylon zippers are available in different sizes, and we can also create customized zippers according to your needs and the design.

    Manufacturing Factory At a Glance

    Within a steady production process, we produce coils, fix chain teeth, weave tape, handle thorough ironing, cut according to your requirements and attach the slider. We coordinate with different production lines and workshops to ensure stable mass production of zippers, as well as constant tests in every step.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1、What is the difference between ODIN zippers and zippers from other manufacturers?

    Apart from our strong production capabilities, ODIN stands out as a zipper manufacturer because of our wide variety of customization and industry expertise. When you work with us, not only do you get to configure your custom zipper the way you envision them, but you also work with seasoned experts that know how to bring your ideas to life ideally.

    2、What is the usual timeframe for a production?

    Production time frame relies on several factors, including order quantity and degree of customization. Typical purchases usually have a delivery time of five to seven days, while orders with extremely large order volumes would require separate schedules. For custom zippers, our consultants will devise a dedicated production plan to accommodate your specific requirements within a suitable time frame.

    3. Can I speed up the production of my zippers?

    Yes, it’s possible to expedite the production process for your custom wholesale zippers. As the entire production process is handled in-house, we can properly manage production times without compromising quality. Let us know your target deadline, and we will properly coordinate with our manufacturing team to make it happen.

    4、Does ODIN offer discounts (quantity discounts, loyalty discounts, time-limited discounts)?

    With an optimized production process and strong partnerships with material suppliers, we can maintain a competitive price while upholding high quality standards. You can also get better prices when you order in larger quantities, as higher volumes make production more cost-effective. We also offer some limited-time specials that you can take advantage of for more savings.

    5. Do I have to make an advanced payment?

    Most samples are provided to you free of charge, save for the courier fee, allowing you to experience what we offer before making a payment. Once we proceed to mass production, we would require an advance payment of 30% after order confirmation.

    6.Unfortunately, they are not exactly what I ordered (damage during shipment, wrong material, etc.) What should I do? Return? Exchange?

    At ODIN, we place great value on product quality and customer satisfaction. If any zipper gets damaged during transit or you are not satisfied with the final product, notify our business experts, and we will take care of it immediately. After assessing the situation, we will quickly provide the appropriate response, whether make adjustments to the products or send replacements.

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    Consult our zipper experts to get a best price and zipper sample.

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