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We provide a full spectrum of custom zippers: nylon, metal-coil, and waterproof, for any outdoor goods.

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All You Have to Know About Zippers for Outdoor Goods

Many outdoor goods use zippers as they are easy to use and bring convenience to the client. Zippers also have a long-lasting lifetime which attracts people to products having zippers.

At ODIN, we ensure zipper quality is of the highest standards that you value. All the zippers undergo quality assurance and quality management at every phase as part of maintaining OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

Zippers Emphasize Masculinity

ODIN provides custom zippers that will fit your needs, and all kinds of sizes are available for men and women. Request zipper samples and we guarantee to send within five days. ODIN provides a full spectrum of custom zippers: nylon, plastic, and waterproof. If you are confused about which zippers to use on outdoor products, we have got them covered. Simply request a consultation with a specialist who will guide you properly.

We provide the best type of zipper for the outdoors, which include the following:

Waterproof Zippers

Several outdoor goods and activities can use waterproof zippers that may consist of

  • Jackets such as life jackets
  • Shoes for a casual basis or that are in fashion
  • Backpacks for traveling purposes
  • Camera bags to keep the accessories safe
  • Tents for camping
  • Car covers

The zippers form zip teeth hidden under the tape with a smooth surface when closed. These zippers are waterproof and will not let any liquid penetrate them; hence your products are safe. They can last in harsh weather conditions as well. ODIN can provide waterproof zippers in any size or design you need.

Resin Zippers

Resin zippers are polyester plastic-made zippers that are most common for marine use. The plastic-made teeth are molded with wax onto plastic tape, bringing a smooth surface. Numerous outdoor goods can use resin zippers, which include

  • Sportswear like scuba suits
  • Camera bags to keep the camera and accessories safe
  • Life jacket while boating

Resin zippers are durable and made to last long. And that is what we guarantee at ODIN, that our zippers will be strong and will not break easily. Our R&D department has several purposes: carrying out durability tests is one of them. We can provide you with the size and design as per you preference.

Nylon Zippers

Nylon zippers are flexible and durable and fit perfectly for any outdoor activity. Because of their strength and durability, they can be used in several outdoor goods that include

  • Cushion covers can be zipped using nylon zippers
  • Boat covers since they are strong enough for waves or harsh weather and climate

We ensure that the nylon zippers are strong enough for outdoor activities and will not cause inconvenience. nylon zippers are available in different sizes, and we can also create customized zippers according to your needs and the design you need.

Due to our in-house manufacturing, we ensure product quality and product management, which keeps the cost of production low, costing you less when you buy in bulk outdoor goods zippers at ODIN.

Available in A Variety of Lengths for Wholesale

Our team is thoroughly engaged in making zippers more feasible for the products that you need them for. We can ensure that zipper quality, strength, durability, water resistance, etc., will not let you down after extensive tests to check the zippers for each property.

At ODIN, we cater to the environment and the use of zippers in that environment. We are continuously researching to bring new zippers to satisfy your needs.

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