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Wholesale a zipper in bulk is an ideal investment for any product. With 16 years of experience, ODIN guarantees the best zippers specially made for your apparel, footwear, home textiles, luggage and travel goods, etc. In addition, our expertise in manufacturing zipper wholesale, along with our top-notch client support, is sure to give your business the leverage needed to reach the next level.

Wholesale Benefits Are Here

Get All Zipper in One Place

Purchasing zippers in bulk is a lot easier with us. We are your one-stop shop for all the zippers and accessories needs, producing 3,600,000 zippers monthly.

Best Price Ever and More Surprises

With over 200+ skilled and technical employees, we efficiently do all our processes in-house, allowing us to optimize our production costs while meeting your distinct expectations.

Working with Senior Experts

Since 2002, we have been creating the best custom zippers for big-name brands in the market. Our wide range of customization options offers endless possibilities in bespoke zippers.

Save Big from Now On

Save time and money by dealing with the experts. Enjoy free samples and low minimum order quantity so you can try products and experience our service and support without spending a fortune.

Popular Zippers Collections

We offer five types of zippers: nylon zipper, resin zipper, metal zipper, invisible zipper and waterproof zipper. These are the mainstream zippers, and these are all that you need.

Nylon Zippers

With a smooth, brightly colored surface, our nylon zippers are lightweight and flexible for easier zipping while maintaining an attractive polished surface to draw in your customers.

Featured Nylon Zippers

Plastic Zippers

Our plastic zippers come with a tough texture made to withstand wear and corrosion while being easy to customize. Adding diamonds and other decorations makes the zipper unique and personalized to draw audiences to your product’s beauty.

Featured Plastic Zippers

Metal Zippers

Coming with an elegant shape, ODIN’s metal zippers are manufactured with premium metals and customized to ensure smooth sliding along the zipper chain, fit for jackets, jeans, luggages, and bags.

Featured Metal Zippers

Invisible Zippers

With only the pull tab visible from view, our invisible zippers blend into the garment and can be customized with different colors and textures to match your applications.

Featured Invisible Zippers

Waterproof Zippers

Specially treated to withstand moisture and corrosion, our wholesale waterproof zippers are rubber or PVC coated reverse zippers manufactured with the latest technology to give lasting service.

Featured Waterproof Zippers

Custom Sliders & Pullers

Designed with various shapes and looks makes our custom sliders and pulls both adaptable to any application and an easy way to express your marketing identity to a wider audience.

Featured Sliders & Pullers

Your Reliable Custom Zipper Supplier

Something only We Could Customize for You

ODIN can produce zippers of any materials, tapes, specific teeth, colors, and pulls. With our vast experience in the industry, our leading design, customization, and research and development capabilities offer only the best custom zippers for your brand. We don’t limit our clients’ requests when customizing the zippers.

Turnkey Services for
Your One-Stop Wholesale

Dealing with a one-stop wholesale is the most efficient way to grow your business.

Our clients can save a lot of time and money by dealing with only one supplier. We guarantee them to experience our full service from the day we design their custom zippers until we’ve delivered them to their offices.

In-House Production and
Quality Control

Our pursuit of the ultimate quality makes our zipper production superior.

ODIN has passed the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 I and ISO9001 Certification assuring our client that we have strict quality control and a reliable production process. With 16 years of industry experience focusing on zipper production, our high productivity provides our clients with lower risks and costs on their end.

Eco-friendly Materials and Technologies

Our eco-friendly zipper is one of the reasons why our clients stay with us.

ODIN cares for the environment, so we only produce green materials with a minimal carbon footprint. With this in mind, our clients are confident that they are only buying eco-friendly zipper wholesale.

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