Custom Zipper & Puller Guide

ODIN is a credible manufacturer of custom zippers & pulls. We provide the best solution you won’t find elsewhere. Our experts can bring rough ideas for custom zippers into reality.

1 - Got some examples you like?

We have countless collections of products to help you choose what’s the best custom zipper. We welcome any suggestions and integrate our expertise and technology to come up with something unique.

2 - Have a draft of design?

No problem if you already have a design. We will use it for making your custom zippers. Originality adds credibility to any product and helps boost your brand image.

3 - Only with a rough idea?

ODIN is great at making a rough idea into existence. You can check out our treasure trove of samples. You’ll be surprised when your custom zipper with logos start to materialize.

Custom Zipper Type

Open End

For the front of jackets, use our open end zippers, with halves that fully detach to carry large amounts of items securely.

Closed End

With only a single slider for one way to close, our closed end zippers are applied in pants, jacket sleeves, tents, and purses.

Two-Way Open End

With two sliders that are opened up and down, this zipper is excellent for heavy coats and can be completely separated and reattached to make taking off coats much easier.

Close End with Double Slider

(Arranged in back-to-back orientation)
With two sliders and made to be closed at each end and can withstand wear and tear throughout constant usage.

Close End with Double Slider

(Arranged in head-to-head orientation)
With two sliders and made to be closed at each end, our zippers make items within bags or other objects more accessible.

Custom Zipper Teeth

Teeth By Material

From metal and nylons to plastics, our zipper teeth are built with an array of materials, processed to form into teeth via coiling and other production techniques. Whether for aesthetic appearance or lasting usage for heavy garments, our zipper teeth are tested consistently for their strength and performance.

Teeth By Type

To appeal to a wide customer base and follow market trends, our zipper teeth are formed with different shapes, colors, and styles, all coated with attractive finishes that ensure lasting quality. Such styles include standard teeth, Swiss teeth, gun teeth, rainbow teeth, corn teeth, rose golden teeth, and Y teeth.

Custom Zipper Color

Standard Color Card

We select the color of our zippers through GCC national cards and CCC color cards that are standardized and easy to select from. By using quality dyes and conducting color fastness tests, we ensure that every set of zippers shares the same color consistency.

Pantone Color Available

Alternatively, we can reach different hues and shades to give your zipper sets a unique effect for your customers. We import our zipper dyes from Germany’s Dystar Brand, which can reach 4-5 grades of color fastness.

Custom Zipper Size

Standard Zipper Size

As a fast way to look for the zipper size, measure the width of the zipper teeth when closed. Zipper sizes include 3#, 5#, 7#, 8# and 10#, all measured by their tooth or coil. The larger zippers are stronger due to being continuous and able to maintain their shape while the smaller models are faster to slide and are flexible overall.

Custom Special Size

We also consider customizing the width and length of the zipper to create special sizes that match unique garments and applications. With our advanced production lines, we can realize your design and create varied sizes of zippers at large volumes.

Custom Top End and Bottom End

Top End

Our top stops are made with durable materials to prevent the zipper slider from sliding off the chain. We produce top stops of three varieties, namely the metal conventional type, injection top stop, and transparent U-shaped top stop, all customized for your select zipper type.

Bottom End

Preventing movement of the zipper halves, our bottom tops are made with insertion boxes and pins for one way open end zippers or two pins for two way zippers. Whether with metal bottom stops or injection bottom stops, we provide our stops with multiple gauges and custom features to improve their functionality.

Custom Zipper Tapes

Tapes For Metal Zippers

For standard zippers, we use polyester fiber tapes that blend to their structure well while mixed-color tapes from woven colored threads, saint tapes, and imitation cotton tapes give soothing effects.

Tapes For Nylon Coil Zippers

Choose from a variety of colors and we make sure our polyester fiber tapes and mixed-color tapes can match well with the plastic zippers you require.

Tapes For Plastic Zippers

We pair our plastic zippers with polyester-based tapes that come in diverse colors and are made to be wrinkle-free, smooth to the touch, and easy to customize for any application.

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