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At ODIN, we followed suit and intend to provide the best quality zipper bags. Our R&D department has researched to create sustainable and efficient zippers. 

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All You Have to Know About Bags & Luggage Zippers

Zipper had a very strong start in the clothing industry, which is why it was introduced in other everyday accessories like bags and luggage. Zipper manufacturers wanted to test the waters with a new product line and see how it went. It became a hit with its style and state-of-the-art quality of zippers.

Bag Zippers

Zipper bags initially had one goal: to protect the valuables inside them and keep the thieves away. But soon, many designers molded its look to be more fashionable. Louis Vuitton Paris is an example of the latest trend in manufacturing zipper fanny bags. Zipper fanny bags became a fashion symbol that people use in traveling, holidays, and casual to keep their wallets, mobile phone, and identification.

Luggage Zippers

Chain Zippers
Chain zippers use a zip chain made of metals like bronze, etc. They are particularly famous for their highly secured and durable teeth interlocking. Large luggage manufacturers use these zippers to make big traveling bags.

Samsonite is an example that specializes in suitcases and hand-carry bags. ODIN provides the best quality zippers, which is common in all the zipper bags that use our product. Our products are laboratory tested to ensure they meet international standards.

Nylon Zippers
Nylon zippers’ material PET while maintaining the zipper’s quality assurance and quality management. ODIN ensures that the zipper is durable and that the cost of production is reasonable. These zippers are mostly attached to handbags, wallets, and fanny packs. Because these items are often in use, the zippers possess a healing quality even when they are twisted or roughly used.

Quality Bags & Luggage Zippers Matter

The fashion industry uses zippers in almost all products. In the case of bags, zippers play a crucial role in ladies’ handbags which draws attention. ODIN provides durable zippers that do not rust or break as we keep quality control in every step. Our zippers will not let you down, no matter how big or small the bag is.

With in-house manufacturing, we help decrease the cost of production, making your business more profitable.

As a market leader in manufacturing and design, we cater towards quality and style to meet the latest fashion sense. Contact us to view a full spectrum of customized zippers that work on all types of bags and luggage.

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