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ODIN uses zippers that are environment friendly and work to add additional safety to hazmat suits. We cater to the needs of clients and the industry they operate in.

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All You Have to Know About Hazmat Suit Zippers

Hazmat suits should protect them from hazardous materials or substances, and hazmat suits fulfill that objective. People use these suits in many professions: firefighters, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, specialists cleaning up contaminated facilities, etc., often wear them as part of their job uniform.

A hazmat suit’s zippers are of the finest quality on which tests are run in the laboratory. At ODIN, we test all our zippers before sending them out to the client. Our goal is to ensure top-quality zippers for our clients.

Hazmat Suit Overview

Hazmat suits come in different sizes and designs, so we tackle the needs of our clients in a way that the zippers fit perfectly on the suits. ODIN has an innovative team working in the R&D department that ensures zippers are available in the best quality possible. As leading manufacturers and designers of zippers, we provide varying sizes and zipper quality depending on the clients’ needs. 

Clients come to us with different preferences. Some clients require zippers for radiation suits. So our Nylon zippers created from synthetic polyester are most sent to the clients as samples for checking. At ODIN, we sent custom zipper samples in less than five days to ensure work productivity. The nylon zipper has healing power, making it durable and easy to use. People can get in and out of the suit efficiently. 

There are times when clients are unsure of the zippers that their products should have in them. ODIN has specialists that can help you make your decision. Clients can request a consultation to make their decision-making process smooth. All our products come with a guide that lists the dos and don’ts. The guide helps the client, and their customers know how to use the product and where not to use it. 

We have invested in modernizing the dyeing workshop and making the zippers worry-free for hazmat suits. A zipper hazmat suit is unprotected when the following happens:
  • A sharp object penetrates the suit and leaves it vulnerable
  • A person fell while wearing the hazmat suit and tore it up, exposing themselves
  • A person is exposed to fire or lava (for non-fire related emergencies)
  • Improper storing of the hazmat suit

FAQs About Hazmat Suit Zippers

Q: Are Hazmat Suit Zippers Fireproof?
A: The zippers on the hazmat suit are durable and manufactured to withstand extreme conditions. The zippers are made to prevent the suit from exposure and can be easily opened and closed.

Q: Can Zipper on Hazmat Suit Melt?
A: No, the zipper used on the hazmat suit will not melt, but they may melt if they come in contact with lava or burning coal.

Q: Can a Zipper on a Hazmat Suit Catch Fire?
A: No, the zippers are environmentally friendly.

Q: Are Zippers on Hazmat Suit Insured?
A: ODIN is approved by OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, and all our products are checked for quality assurance and quality management.

Zippers in the pharmaceutical industry come in different sizes and designs. Being market leaders, we at ODIN ensure to provide our clients with the service they need. ODIN makes sure the zipper is fire resistant for fire hazmat suits. Similarly, we ensure that our zippers are water-resistant for hazmat suits that require zero humid conditions. Ask us any questions about Hazmat suit zippers.

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