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Resilient and can withstand extreme temperatures, plastic zippers are known to be waterproof, rustproof, and for their bright colors.

ODIN is your plastic zipper manufacturer in China dedicated to providing high-quality zippers at amazing wholesale prices. We offer an assortment of artistic and durable plastic zippers that meet various applications using the most advanced production technology and years of production expertise.


From Design,
Manufacturing To Delivery.

Premium Plastic Zipper

Check out our expansive library of high-quality plastic zippers crafted by our expert designers with customizable features to make them uniquely yours.

Why Choose Our Plastic Zipper

A cut above your usual zipper manufacturer, ODIN focuses on providing exceptional plastic zippers with the superior quality your brand can rely on.

Long-lasting Zipper Colors

Our trusted zipper dyeing process ensures that each one displays vibrant colors and will last long without chipping.

Superior Cloth Tape

The exceptional cloth tape secures both zipper teeth and withstands the wear and tear of sewing and washing.

Exceptional Slider Selection

As a leader in plastic zipper production, we have a wide selection of sliders you can choose for your custom zipper.

Meticulous Quality Control

Samples and final plastic zippers undergo a series of quality testing to guarantee increased durability and function retention.

Wholesale Benefits

We Understand
Your Needs

Affordable Price

Get the most out of each order with the affordable prices that we offer, making sure you make a good profit.

Small Minimums

With a small minimum order, you can purchase as much as your budget or market demand requires.

Timely Process

ODIN practices a streamlined production process, ensuring orders are completed from concept to mass production on time, all the time.

Outperforming Designs

Every plastic zipper design is developed by seasoned designers who guide you through the whole process of making your custom zipper.

Exquisite Quality

Expert quality control auditors review the custom plastic zippers, checking each part to ensure superior quality and optimal performance.

Fast Delivery

Partnering with well-vetted global logistics companies, we guarantee fast and secure deliveries within five to seven days.

All-sided Plastic Zipper Customization

01-Zipper Type

As a renowned China zipper company, we have a robust selection of zipper types to match your zipper demands.

02-Plastic Zipper Sizes

Whether you require small zippers for wallets and purses or oversized zippers for luggage, we have them all in stock.

03- Custom Zipper Teeth

Complete your custom plastic zippers with our lineup of various zipper teeth options that have superior quality.

04-Resin Zipper Application

Plastic zippers are used to fasten jackets, bags, and luggage. We have the right plastic zipper from travel bags to sportswear for any use.

Need Help?

1、What is Plastic zipper?

The plastic zipper is the most popular zipper type. It is available in various styles and sizes. With its versatility, Plastic zippers can be used in clothing and zent. You can also use it in sporting goods and even in vehicles.

2、How to choose a plastic zipper?

A suitable plastic zipper has vibrant color and smooth sliding action. Durability is essential so choose a zipper from a trusted zipper manufacturer. Make sure the teeth are correctly aligned by opening and closing the zipper several times. Also, the zipper tab is not brittle, and you can have a good grip.

3、Resin Zipper VS Nylon Coil Zipper

Resin zippers are stiffer than nylon coil zippers. Resin zippers are wear-resistant, waterproof, and heat resistant. Compared to nylon zippers, resin zippers are more flexible and easier to use in any application. Additionally, resin zippers are excellent for customizations as it adapts well to gem inlays and vibrant custom colors.

4、Are plastic zippers durable?

Yes, plastic zippers are known for their durability and a wide temperature range. Being stiff with larger teeth is robust and suitable for the outdoors. Unlike metal zippers, resins are not corrosive and are much more flexible. Also, the dyeing process makes it retain the color longer, and resin zippers are durable enough for more luxurious customization.

5、What is the difference between #3 and #5 zipper?

There are several differences between the #3 and #5 zippers. The #3 is the multipurpose zipper with 3mm-wide teeth and 1mm-wide tape. The #5 has 5mm-wide teeth and 1.25-mm wide tape, usually used for medium-sized items such as tote bags and upholstery. The #3 zipper is more flexible than the #5 zipper, but #5 is more stable.

6、Plastic zipper application

As durable and much more flexible than metal zippers, plastic zippers are great for outdoor gear like backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags. Resistant to temperature changes, it is an excellent zipper for jackets and sportswear. Because of its durability and customization options, some designer bags, boots, and clothing options use plastic zippers for fasteners.

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