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ODIN is one of the most trusted nylon zipper manufacturers in China. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, our skill and mastery of the craft are exemplified by the swift production, robust design, and superior quality of our nylon zippers. We ensure new ideas and concepts at all times, utilizing state-of-the-art machinery and expert craftsmanship to meet your wholesale zipper needs.


From Design,
Manufacturing To Delivery.

Premium Nylon Zipper

Explore our selection of lightweight, eco-friendly, and flexible nylon zippers. Our premium nylon zippers also have thinner teeth, soft and smooth surface, and are available in various colors.

Why Choose Our Nylon Zipper

A cut above your usual zipper manufacturer, ODIN focuses on providing exceptional nylon zippers with the superior quality your brand can rely on.

Zipper Dyeing Experts

To ensure sharp and long-lasting colors, ODIN uses high-grade Dystar colorants in our dyeing process, resulting in exact color shades that don’t fade over time.

Premium Zipper Tape

Our thickened tape consists of high-density AA-grade environment-friendly silk thread, leading to a firm bite and smooth opening and closing.

Carefully Selected Sliders

Sliders that we use are made from high-quality zinc alloys or brass for enhanced strength, hardness, and wear resistance. 

Close Attention to the Finest Details

Our top priority is providing you with a reliable nylon zipper, with seasoned quality control experts regularly inspecting all zippers throughout the production process.

Wholesale Benefits

We Understand Your Needs

Cost Saving Wholesale

With our solid supply chain management and streamlined production process, we maintain affordable wholesale prices comparable to our peers.

Complete Product Ranges

We provide you with the vastest range of zipper materials and styles, letting you build a distinct product lineup that meets your market’s demands.

Superior Quality

The combination of premium raw materials, strict quality control standards, and dedication to excellent production ensure that you get the finest nylon zippers.


ODIN supports low order minimum, helping you purchase the right volume based on your market range or budget requirements.

Outperforming Designs

Our expert designers are always in touch with modern design trends and create marketable nylon zippers that capitalize on what the market wants.

Efficient Services

From detailed consultation to responsive aftersales, we provide comprehensive services that let you focus on what you do best - marketing your products.

All-sided Nylon Zipper Customization

01- Zipper Color

02-Zipper Sizes

Whether you need small or large nylon zippers, we have an inventory of various sizes that fits your requirements.

03-Nylon Zipper Application

Nylon zippers are widely used in numerous apparel and items. We can customize your zippers according to how, where, and the reason you will use them.

Need Help?

1.What is a nylon zipper?

The nylon zipper is the most popular zipper type. It is made of coiled nylon or polyester and is available in various styles and sizes. With its versatility, nylon zippers can be used in clothing and baggage. You can also use it in sporting goods and even in vehicles.

2. How to choose a nylon zipper?

In choosing a nylon zipper, one must consider these things.

Nylon Zipper Styles
Different items require specific zipper types. Available in various styles, such as open-end zippers for your jackets and closed-end zippers for your jeans.

Nylon Zipper Specifications
It also depends on the zipper specs. The size and length play a part in the zipper-type needed in a specific item.

Tape Type of Nylon Zipper
There are two types of zipper tape available: nylon and polyester. Nylon makes the zipper clear, and it’s softer than regular polyester.

Nylon Zipper Teeth
Zipper teeth are available in various materials such as stainless steel, brass, and nylon.

3. Nylon Zipper VS Plastic Zipper

Both zippers have their pros and cons. The nylon zipper is sturdier than the Plastic zipper under favorable conditions. But the tooth design of the nylon coil is more likely to catch dust and residue.

The best thing about a Nylon zipper is that you can quickly fix its misaligned teeth. Gently pull the slider of the coil zipper on the affected part, and it’s as good as new.

4. What is the difference between #3 and #5 zipper?

There are several differences between the #3 and #5 zippers. The #3 is the multipurpose zipper with 3mm-wide teeth and 1mm-wide tape. The #5 has 5mm-wide teeth and 1.25-mm wide tape, usually used for medium-sized items such as tote bags and upholstery. The #3 zipper is more flexible than the #5 zipper, but #5 is more stable.

5. What is the difference between Net Length and Total Length?

The net length of a nylon zipper is the measurement from the top stopper to the bottom stopper, not including the forth head tape and back head tape. The nylon zipper’s total length, on the other hand, is the measurement of the whole tape length. Make sure to measure the net length correctly to avoid having zippers that are too long or too short.

6、Nylon Zipper Application

A nylon zipper is one of the most popular options among the other zipper types. You can use it for numerous items and equipment. Its durability is best used to keep the luggage from bursting. With its flexibility, it’s perfect for sportswear and tents. With its versatility, it’s suitable for outdoor and camping apparel.

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