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Workers in rugged environments require workwear that exhibits protection and comfort. At ODIN, our zippers bring the easiness and a smooth texture that can open and close swiftly.

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Everything About Zippers for Military & Workwear

Before zippers in military and tactical wear, buttons were quite common. Since buttons are weak and can be easily bent or broken, the military personnel faced issues on the field.

We specialize in manufacturing and designing long-lasting zippers that will not break in combat training or off the field.

Military and Workwear Overview

The zippers that are part of the military uniform and tactical gear are strong. ODIN provides synthetic polyester and other types of zippers that are durable. Their purpose is to last as long as possible, even in severe environments. All our zippers are laboratory tested and approved for use on the field. We maintain quality control at every step of the process because we care for your specific needs.

ODIN has invested in the dyeing workshop where dyes are imported from Germany to ensure the manufacture of the same colored zippers. Our zippers prevent allergic reactions with environment-friendly zippers.

ODIN’s full spectrum of custom zippers that military wear use include the following:

Nylon Zippers

Nylon zippers for military wear are of synthetic plastic that is durable and ever-lasting. ODIN’s R&D department carries out extensive research on zipper quality. Any person can use them on the field, even under harsh conditions.

Metal Zippers

Some clients prefer metal zippers over plastic-made zippers because of their strength. ODIN makes metal zippers from Brass, Aluminum, and other similar elements with robust qualities. Military jackets and gear bags are some of the zippers’ products.

Waterproof Zippers

Military wear like uniforms and bags prone to get wet due to wet weather conditions use waterproof zippers. We use durable and all-terrain zippers that meet our clients’ requirements and match the demands of military personnel. Our waterproof zippers will keep your gear dry, packs closed, and body armor in place, ensuring your needs are our immediate priority.

Invisible Zippers

Military and combat missions require camouflage clothes, meaning zippers need to be of similar color while maintaining quality standards. ODIN is approved by OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 on quality assurance and quality management from the R&D department of the manufacturing department. Our state-of-the-art dyeing workshop matches the zipper color with the armor, bag, or uniform color by using imported dyes.

Quality Assurance in Military and Workwear

Zippers have made their mark in all kinds of workwear that demand rigorous working conditions. People working in the cement and steel industry wear zipper clothes as their uniforms.

ODIN zippers keep in mind the working conditions of the workers, so our zippers go through thorough testing before they are approved, which is suitable for the clients. Tests on zippers at our facilities ensure zippers are guaranteed to be used in harsh conditions. And so our zippers provide a high level of performance, durability, and ease for the workers.

Zippers in the Military and workwear are made to resist the harsh conditions the personnel are under and ensure that they are comfortable. ODIN provides zippers in different sizes with different qualities depending upon the niche of the industry and the working conditions.

We make sure all our zippers provide the ultimate experience for our clients and the people who wear them. We tend to do our part in helping the Military by providing them with the zippers that they need.

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