Custom Invisible Zipper Manufacturer

With fine teeth and smooth sliders, our invisible zippers are structured to appear hidden from view. Sewing pleats of the zipper tape into the garment seam or orienting them backward make our zippers merge to the garment for an invisible look from the outside.

Along with that, our tapes are intended to match with your garments or applications through their custom colors and options. Through our coil production and one-stop processes, we ensure every zipper delivers better physical performance than your peers. Call us today for discount prices.


From Design,
Manufacturing To Delivery.

Premium Invisible Zipper

Fit for formal clothing, our invisible zippers are hidden in the seam and designed to be lowkey and flow well with gowns or other long garments.

Why Choose Our Invisible Zipper

A cut above your usual zipper manufacturer, ODIN focuses on providing exceptional resin zippers with the superior quality your brand can rely on.

Diverse Zipper Dyeing Colors

Check our selection of diverse zipper dye colors that can make our invisible zippers blend well to garments and other applications for convenience.

Fabric & Lace Tape

A thickened fabric tape or lace tape  is matched to the zipper structure and helps to maintain its shape, performance and stability.

Eco-friendly Baking Paint Slider

We are fastidious in our selection of sliders that can match your requirements while also giving quality sliding action for your customers’ ease.

Quality Control

From start to finish, we conduct strict tests to measure our zipper’s resistance to corrosion and their ability to blend well with garments.

Wholesale Benefits

We Understand
Your Needs

Largest Savings

Through our control over production, we help provide you with zippers that come within factory prices, helping you save much for your business operations.


At a low MOQ, we guarantee you can order within your budget and ensure your inventory receives consistent supplies of zippers in bulk prices.

Fast Turnaround

By delivering samples after 48 hours, we can meet production schedules and provide bulk custom zippers within 5-7 days upon ordering.

Leading Designs

Mindful of market trends through our R&D, our team produces unique designs for our zippers that match your region’s interests and cement new trends.

High Quality

By checking the materials and finished zipper in every step, we ensure every delivered order maintains high quality and usability.

Eco-friendly Commitment

By using recyclable zipper materials, we ensure both customer safety and the reduction of waste, enabling our operations to keep sustainability in mind.

All-sided Invisible Zipper Customization

01-Invisible Zipper Tape

From fabric to lace zipper tapes, we customize our zippers based on what materials and features your applications require.

02-Zipper Sizes

Ranging from 3mm to 10mm, our zipper sizes correspond to their tooth or coil, with larger size determining their overall strength.

03-Invisible Zipper Application

See how our invisible zippers can fit in with different dresses and blouses for various occasions to give the garments a clean appearance.

Need Help?

1、Can I use any zipper for an invisible zipper?

We use coil nylon zippers as the primary basis for our invisible zippers as they can be easily embedded into garments to outwardly appear invisible.

2、How to choose a invisible zipper?

An invisible zipper’s teeth must not be seen at the front and have teeth that are only seen from the back. Light or medium weight invisible zippers can work, depending on fabric types and are customized to ensure they do not weigh down on the fabric. Color and design are also a factor to guarantee the zipper matches well with your application.

3、 Invisible Zipper VS Nylon Coil Zipper

Nylon coil zippers take their name from the nylon monofilament “coiled” as teeth on the zipper and are ideal zippers for luggage and outdoor bags. Invisible zippers are usually sewn into the seam of garments, designed for a clean finish and overall neat appearance though they can also work on luggage, depending on requirements. As such, nylon coil zippers can work with thicker fabrics while invisible zippers are preferred for lighter ones.

4、What is the difference between #3 and #5 zipper?

A #3 zipper has a 3mm wide chain, and a #5 zipper has a 5mm wide chain, meaning the #3 zipper is more flexible while the #5 zipper is stronger and more resilient. The number indicates the width in millimeters of the zipper chain and is an easy way to identify which zipper size fits your application.

5、What is the difference between #3 and #5 zipper?

There are several differences between the #3 and #5 zippers. The #3 is the multipurpose zipper with 3mm-wide teeth and 1mm-wide tape. The #5 has 5mm-wide teeth and 1.25-mm wide tape, usually used for medium-sized items such as tote bags and upholstery. The #3 zipper is more flexible than the #5 zipper, but #5 is more stable.

6、What are invisible zippers used for?

From dressmaking to home furnishing, our invisible zippers are applied in different ways, provided the cloth used is not too thick or else the garment will face much strain. To ensure the zipper can open and close faster, our invisible zippers are best used for tops, skirts, trousers, and fastening cushions.

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