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A full spectrum of customized zippers for fire safety that are approved by OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

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All You Have to Know About Fire Safety Zippers

Fire safety zippers play a crucial role in the firefighting occupation where firefighters have to go into places that have been caught by fire. Common places where fire can be caught include buildings, houses, forests, and even gas stations. In all such places, firefighters have to risk their lives. So it is essential to provide them with the necessary tools to make their job easier.

ODIN provides fire retardant zippers with a custom zipper guide that helps our clients navigate through the product. We ensure our entire zipper collection passes the standard quality assurance and quality management phase at every step. ODIN zippers are approved by OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, a well-known brand for textile-tested products. Our clients’ confidence boosts knowing that an agency overlooks our product’s standards. 

ODIN has a full spectrum of customized zippers, but we use one specific zipper in fire safety which is:

Metal Coil Zipper

Many industrial and consumer applications demand our metal coil zippers as they add a layer of fire protection. The metal coil zipper is flame retardant because the metal teeth combine for a metal zip, preventing the high temperature from damaging a person’s body. Our zippers go through frequent and elaborated tests in the laboratory before shipping them to our clients. The metal we use for fire safety zippers is brass.

ODIN can fit brass-made fire safety zippers on several clothing items, including safety jackets, jeans zippers, and coverall safety suits. Zippers come in different shapes and designs. We manufacture zippers in the house, so the cost of production is low and will cost our clients even less, thus helping them in profits.

Sometimes clients ask for samples that we deliver in less than five working days and a guide to help them understand our product. Clients can also choose to consult our specialists about the zippers, which will help them decide. ODIN tries to help all its clients and to make the process smooth.

Industrial Properties of Fire Safety Zippers

Tensile Strength

ODIN zippers are famous for bearing heavy loads and will not break. They are strong and possess healing power even when roughly used. We run several tests to check their endurance capabilities in a harsh environment. They are given approval after clearing all tests.

Moisture Barrier

Fire happens in most unusual places at times, even near a water source. So we make sure that our zippers prevent liquid from going to the inside part of the garment. Our zippers form strong zip teeth that have water-resistant properties. ODIN specializes in the manufacturing and design of water-resistant zippers.

Prevent Penetration by Liquid Chemicals

At fireplaces, apart from the fire, there can be chemicals that can harm the person, so our zippers, apart from being fire retardant, have resistance and prevention properties that do not allow chemicals to enter the jacket or jeans. So the person wearing them is safe at all times.

Closure System

The closure system involves the opening and closing of the zippers. ODIN zippers have a smooth texture that enables them to quickly open and close all kinds of zippers. Quickly closing and opening zippers add to protection measures for firefighters.

ODIN’s fire retardant zippers have industrial and commercial-like properties that slow, stop, or prevent the flame from reaching the inner garment.

Buy in Bulk Quality Fire Safty Zippers

ODIN has a powerful R & D department that continuously finds various types of zippers to attract prospective customers and satisfy the demands of existing ones.

Our fire safety zippers for protective clothing are just one type of zippers in our full spectrum of customized zippers. We ensure to provide you with the best quality zippers in any shape, design, or quality you need.

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