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ODIN is China’s leading custom waterproof zipper manufacturer. We are your one-stop shop for all your zipper needs, manufacturing 3,600,000 zippers monthly. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we offer only the best waterproof zippers. And with our R&D capabilities, we can provide a daily production capacity of 250,000 pieces in a single shift.


From Design,
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Premium Waterproof Zipper

We produce superior quality waterproof zippers in various materials, styles, and colors. Our Waterproof zippers range from TPU Waterproof Nylon zippers to PU Waterproof Golden Teeth.

Why Choose Our Waterproof Zipper

Go through our comprehensive library of waterproof zippers. We can also customize wholesale waterproof zippers according to your specific requests.

Advanced Dyeing Techniques

Dystar colorants are used for zipper dyeing, providing our zippers with premium-quality colors that won’t fade even when frequently exposed to water.

Upgraded Cloth Tapes

ODIN’s thickened upgrade on the high-density AA-grade silk thread cloth tape results in a smooth operation and added durability to the zipper.

Zipper Sliders Made to Perfection

We use a range of quality sliders created from top-quality zinc alloys that enhance the sliders’ endurance, wear resistance, and sturdiness.

In-House Production Lines

To expedite production and guarantee consistent quality, we’ve established in-house production lines equipped with modern production equipment and manned by seasoned experts.

Wholesale Benefits

We Understand
Your Needs

Best Bulk Price

We offer affordable zippers at the best bulk rates to help you save on manufacturing costs and allow you to earn more with each sale.

Project-friendly MOQ

Whether you’re a budding brand or an established business, our manageable order quantity ensures you can order as many as your market or budget allows.

Complete Design Options

ODIN provides numerous design options, from classic to avant-garde, to help you with any specific modifications and elevate your waterproof zippers.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

As China's sole full-industry chain corporation, we utilize advanced technology and modern production processes to enhance product quality and consistency.

Timely Services

The scheduled delivery time is 5 to 7 days. For customized orders, we prepare a production plan to ensure projects are completed accordingly.


Our line of exceptional waterproof zippers are eco-friendly, with our facility successfully passing the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 I-level environmental protection.

All-sided Waterproof Zipper Customization

01-Waterproof Zipper Type

Our waterproof zippers are available in various types. We can customize your nylon zipper with the type most suitable to the purpose.

02-Waterproof Zipper Sizes

Choose from our line of zipper sizes, with options to customize the overall waterproof zipper size based on the desired application.

03-Waterproof Film

The zipper Film are essential and one of the main parts of a zipper. We have various surface finish options according to your needs.

04-Waterproof Zipper Application

Waterproof zippers are widely-used in suits and items which need waterproofing. We have various waterproof zippers in stock for clothing, accessories, and furniture application.

Need Help?

1、Are waterproof zippers really waterproof?

Yes. Waterproof zippers have the elements concealed at the back of the zipper for effective waterproofing. A PVC coating or TPU film coats the front of the zipper when it is closed, making it entirely waterproof. Our waterproof zippers also undergo a series of quality testing to guarantee their waterproof capabilities.

2、How to choose a waterproof zipper?

There are several aspects to consider in choosing a waterproof zipper.

Choosing a waterproof zipper depends on where and why you will use it. It can depend on the fabric, temperature resistance, and heavy-duty applications.

Waterproof effect
The central seam’s width determines the credibility of waterproof zippers. The wider the center seam is, the lesser the waterproof effectiveness.

Waterproof film
Select a premium quality film that is durable and stays intact even after repeated washing or exposure. A top-quality film ensures a longer service life for your waterproof zipper.

Environmental Protection
Always choose an eco-friendly waterproof zipper.

3、 Waterproof Zipper VS Invisible Zipper

Waterproof zippers are mainly used for protection against water and rain. These zippers are usually found on raincoats, diving suits, and fire suits.

This Invisible zipper looks almost invisible when sewn on a seam except for the slight thin pull. This zipper is generally used on the back of dresses and the side seams of tight-fitting dresses and skirts.

4、What is the difference between #3 and #5 zipper?

The #3 zipper has elements that are 3mm wide and almost always has a tape that is 1″ wide. This zipper is suitable for children’s clothing zippers, trouser chains, and wallets.

The #5 zipper has teeth that are 5mm wide, and the tape is around 1.25″ wide. These zippers are commonly found on clothing, home textiles, and luggage.

5. What is the difference between Net Length and Total Length?

The net length of a nylon zipper is the measurement from the top stopper to the bottom stopper, not including the forth head tape and back head tape. The nylon zipper’s total length, on the other hand, is the measurement of the whole tape length. Make sure to measure the net length correctly to avoid having zippers that are too long or too short.

5、What are waterproof zippers used for?

Waterproof zippers undergo special procedures such as laminated TPU film and PVC film to make them waterproof. Contents are properly secured from water, rain, and other liquid contaminants with waterproof zippers. These zippers are used explicitly in outdoor items such as ski suits, fishing wear, raincoats, and soft, portable coolers.

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