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Built on sustainable production and innovative design since 2006, ODIN specializes in complete production of zippers made with durable materials and can be integrated into a variety of applications.

Company Profile

A Focused Zipper Factory

With our patented technology and advanced production lines, we can meet any line for standardized or customized zippers, keeping every detail in mind throughout the process.

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A Family-inherited Manufacturer, A Life-time Business

At the core of our company structure is a culture of excellence and competitiveness, where we constantly innovate our zipper solutions to serve a wider community.

Founded in 2006, we initially engaged in the sales and trade of accessories, eventually developing an independent waterproof zipper technology. Through the years, we upgraded our facilities, expanded our factories, and collaborated with worldwide brands to give you updated zippers that meet international standards.

Value & Mission

Our Vision

Having compassion for people, ODIN constantly strives for excellence in ensuring every zipper and to be the most influential zipper enterprise in China.

Our Mission

We aim to create zippers that provide your customers with a wonderful opening and closing experience, ensuring our zippers feel smooth and safe to use.

Our Value

Three core values – "customer first", "respect for the individual" and "quality" – tie the company together and form the basis of ODIN’s culture and business success.

Why Choose ODIN

We are China’s only full-industry chain company that comes with an independent R&D team to provide updated zipper solutions to meet global demand.

Our Product Range

As our zippers work in multiple applications and meet various requirements, we have a wide selection made from different materials and styles. See how we make invisible zippers that blend into garments or zippers from nylon coil, resin, and metal, all with customized sliders and pulls to meet your needs.

Our Capabilities

ODIN’s one-stop factory handles multiple processes for making zippers within short lead times, from our coil production and tape weaving to constant testing in every step. Through our experience, patented technology, and R&D equipment, we can realize any design and produce durable zippers of different styles for tape, teeth, sliders, and other features.

Wildly Applications

Whether for heavy jackets, light dresses, or luggage, our zippers are reliable and made to last based on our thorough processing. By making our zippers customized for different uses, we help your brand reach out to different customer groups and satisfy a variety of needs to bring you greater profits.

Complete Certifications

Along with national standards, we comply with ISO 9001:2015 and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 which ensure our products have been tested uniformly and are safe to use.


ISO 9001:2015

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