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Designers’ products are judged through their zippers– where they are located and what type of zipper is used for the garments.

As the premiere zipper manufacturer in China, ODIN takes “details to achieve quality” in making custom metal zippers for your brand. We pay attention even to the tiny details of our products and listen to you in developing tailor-made zippers.


From Design,
Manufacturing To Delivery.

Premium Metal Zipper

Browse through ODIN’s robust lineup of pre-formed metal zippers created explicitly for extended use and customizable to match your needs.

Why Choose Our Metal Zipper

A cut above your usual zipper manufacturer, ODIN focuses on providing exceptional nylon zippers with the superior quality your brand can rely on.

Specialized Zipper Slider

We can custom high-quality zipper slider to ensure that the zipper will slide up and down smoothly through the zipper chain.

High-end Application

With our wide selection of metal zippers, you’ll find one perfect for your high-quality jeans, jackets, bags, luggage, and shoes.

One-stop Manufacturing Process

From creating updated designs to strict quality inspections, every part of the production process is done in-house, guaranteeing the consistent quality.

Flexible Customization Service

We offer an expansive lineup of tooth shapes and rich R&D to meet all your demands in the best way possible.

Wholesale Benefits

We Understand
Your Needs

Budget-friendly Solutions

We've improved our products' effectiveness and efficiency by using automated production equipment, creating quality products without sacrificing price competitiveness.

Small Wholesale MOQ

Order as many or as few as your inventory and budget allow with our low minimum order requirement.

Fast Customization

Thanks to our extensive industry experience, we understand your needs and develop customized metal zipper solutions within a few days.

High Quality Assurance

Seasoned quality control inspectors make sure that each metal zipper meets our established quality benchmarks through a series of audits and testings.

Expert Services

We provide an assortment of value-added services to deliver an exceptional sourcing experience, including consultation, sampling, and aftersales.

Environmental Process

Our facility successfully passed the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 I-level environmental protection test and ISO9001 quality management system to maintain eco-friendly production.

All-sided Metal Zipper Customization

01-Zipper Type

As one of China’s top custom zippers suppliers, we offer an expansive range of zippers that matches various garments and purposes.

02-Zipper Sizes

Metal zippers come in various sizes, ensuring that we have the right size to fit your specific demands.

03-Metal Zipper Application

Our custom metal zippers partner well with many product applications, from leather clothing and shoes to handbags and wallets.

Need Help?

1、What is metal zipper?

As the oldest zipper type, metal zippers are known for their distinct durability and adaptability. Its zipper pulls run so smoothly that it is soft to open and shut, becoming a beloved zipper option by clothing and accessory manufacturers. Moreover, its high-class metal material makes it look elegant and solemn.

2、What metal is used for zippers?

Several metal types could work in making the flat wires used to create metal zippers. Some of these metals include golden brass, aluminum, manganese, and antique metal. The raw materials are properly inspected and processed before producing the wires, making sure they’re devoid of any chemicals that can harm the users.

3、Metal Zipper VS Nylon Coil Zipper VS Plastic Zipper

Compared to nylon coil and plastic zipper, the metal zipper has the most elegant look, perfect for high-end garments and accessories. When the metal zipper undergoes a particular process, it gets a smooth, shiny finish that is usually referred to as luxury zippers. Due to their metal components, metal zippers have better durability and rarely break off.

4、What is the difference between #3 and #5 zipper?

There are a couple of differences that separate #3 and #5 zippers: the teeth and tape width. On the one hand, #3 metal zippers have teeth that are 3mm wide and are partnered with a 1mm tape. #5 metal zippers, on the other hand, generally have 5mm-wide teeth with a 1.25mm tape.

5、What is the difference between Net Length and Total Length?

The net length of a nylon zipper is the measurement from the top stopper to the bottom stopper, not including the forth head tape and back head tape. The metal zipper’s total length, on the other hand, is the measurement of the whole tape length. Make sure to measure the net length correctly to avoid having zippers that are too long or too short.

6、Metal Zipper Application

The application of metal zippers on clothing and accessories is based on aesthetics and fashion, with some clothing items not complete without metal zippers. Metal zippers are best used on thick fabric like bags, jeans, and leather jackets, providing the garment with a stylish finish. Additionally, these zippers work well with leather shoes, handbags, and other accessories as complementing pieces.

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